Chess: The Battle between Computer Engines

Man invented computers for specific purposes. More often, computers can perform such actions that only man can do. These days, computers are mostly seen in many establishments whereas they were used for printing, analyzing, searching, computing, data processing and communication. Aside from the fact that computers can perform jobs accurately, these machines can also work faster than man. However, without man computers are useless.

The first computer ever invented was only made to calculate numbers and handle mathematical operations, which is really far from computers now. These days, computers can perform several tasks at a single moment. And because of the internet unstoppable enhancements and popularity, computers became more powered. Being connected to the online community can make you gain dozens of benefits. You can either buy items online, established your own business online or play thousands of online games.

Talking about games, chess is very popular in today’s internet. Traditionally, the game is being played by two opposing humans using ordinary chess sets. But as of now, chess can be either played against a human opponent or against the computer itself. But then, would you believe that a computer can play against another computer in a real chess match? Well, it is hard to believe at first time your heard this fact. But as you keep on doing research you will find out that this hard to believe fact really happened in real tournaments.

This is not like a scene in a sci-fi movie in which computers have their own mind and can decide for their selves. The battle among computer engines was started in 1970 in New York City. With the cutting edge technology at that time, the event became a convention to the World’s Computer Chess Championship in Sweden in 1974. The first Computer Championship was comprised of four games and all of them were won by an innovative computer engine “Kaissa”. This computer engine was developed by Soviet Union in the honor of the chess goddess.

After 23 years, the World Computer Chess Championships grew bigger and participated by many countries. Then, an event was again surprised the world when a highly powered super computer “Deep Blue” won against an international grandmaster Garry Kasparov. Only then, Kasparov accused the computer chess champion for cheating. As an effect, IBM has declined and reassembled Deep blue for a rematch. After a year, the grandmaster won by a score of 4-2 against the said computer software. In today’s World Computer Chess Championship, the world is waiting for the next computer to beat grandmaster’s mind in a real chess match.

In the recent computer’s world, there’s no doubt that people could create powerful models that can be match up human’s mental ability. But then, human’s mind is still on top. Computers are highly powered machine. When it comes to performance computer may win. But when it comes to ability and mental prowess, man still wins the battle. Always bear in mind that computers are created by means of man’s intelligence. Although there are other things that man can’t do, still computers have its flaws.

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