How to Play Chess

For Beginners

The game of Chess is the most popular and historic game of the world. It is almost 1300 years old game, and it has received more thought time than art and literature. It is easy to learn but difficult to play as it takes a lifetime to master. It is one of the few games that develop mental abilities, however it’s total fun.

Chess is a board game played by two persons. Every player manages army of 16 pieces, white and black. Both players take their turn, and move one piece at each turn. The method to play Chess is as followed.

Setting up the board

Before starting playing chess you must learn the board setup. Chess board is the battlefield of the game. Players sit in the way so that each player has a white square to his/her right corner. The smallest pieces i.e. pawns are placed in the second row and larger pieces are placed in the first row of each side of the board. King and queen are placed at the center of the army. Make sure that the queen is positioned on a square of her own color.

Description of pieces

Pawn: pawn is the weakest and the smallest piece on the board. It can be moved one square at a time. Pawn can only be moved in the forward direction. After reaching the last row, it cannot be moved further, it can be promoted to any type of piece except for a king. Usually it is promoted to a queen as it is the most powerful piece on the battlefield. So, a contender can have more than one queen. Pawns do not capture other pieces in the same direction in which they move, but diagonally in the forward direction.

Bishop: Bishop moves diagonally and has the strength of about three pawns. It can be moved backward and forward, and can move more than one square at a time. It cannot move to a different colored square.

Rook: Rook carries power of five pawns. Rooks can be moved forward or sideways. They can also move backward more than one square at a time. Rooks can be moved in a normal way to the square occupied where they capture a piece.

Knight: like bishop, knight also has strength of 3 pawns. Knights can be moved one square diagonally and one square plainly. They are the only pieces that can jump over other pieces.

Queen: it is the most powerful piece in the battlefield and it has power equivalent to nine pawns. Queen can be moved diagonally and literally.

King: it is a little bit powerful than a pawn, but a most important piece in the battlefield. King can be moved just like queen.

Special Moves

Castling: Although rook is the second most powerful piece in the battlefield, it starts the battle in a poor place to utilize its power. Also the king is located in a position which slowly gets weak as the game proceeds. Here castling comes. In this technique king is moved two squares in the direction of one of his rooks and then rook is placed on the opposite side of the king.

En Passant: it is done by pawn to pawn. It was invented so that pawns cannot be captured by an opponent’s pawn by moving them two squares on their first move.

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